Winter Kale Smoothie Recipe

Growing up in a climate with four distinct seasons meant going through physical and mental changes with each season, each year. It’s normal and natural for me to eat light, mainly fruits and veggies in the summer, and hearty soups and stews in the winter. I think most bodies that were born in four season weather respond well to this type of seasonal diet changes. As much as it’s beneficial to eat locally and in season, it’s also generally beneficial to adjust one’s lifestyle and diet to the changes around them, be they in nature, environment, time of day, city vs. country living, etc.

When I first discovered raw food, living in Florida in eternal sunshine, it was pretty easy to implement light, high raw meals into my everyday life. But now that I’m back in the four season, I have seen the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that are happening in my body, mind, mood.. And the food plays an amazing role in this!

I believe in the healing powers of raw foods, but to be perfectly honest, it’s not easy for me to eat raw 100% percent of the time. According to Ayurveda, the healing and medicinal science I follow (it originates from India, and is a sister science to yoga), certain body and mind constitutions, such as air or Vata, aren’t advised to eat raw foods. I am trying to balance both sides, Ayurvedic knowledge and my personal positive experience, and find a happy medium.

It’s getting very frosty in the mornings..[/caption]

But luckily, the afternoons and nice and sunny, perfect for a run by the lake[/caption]

Now that the winter is fast approaching here in the Blue ridge mountains of Asheville, I am eating more and more hearty soups and stews. I found a great vegetarian chili mix that I just cook with my veggies, beans or whatever I find in the kitchen, and I’m happy as can be. But eating cooked foods for every meal of the day makes me feel lethargic, sleepy, low on energy and overall makes me want to just cozy up with a blanket and not move at all! 

So despite the weather changes, I am working very hard on keeping my (somewhat) daily habit of drinking smoothies! Here’s an easy winter kale smoothie recipe that includes a healthy dose of antioxidant and pH alkaline greens! With a scoop of vegan and gluten free protein, this smoothie becomes a satisfying breakfast or snack.

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