Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread

The holidays are officially here!!! Ho ho ho…


I have great memories of Christmas time growing up, and I always get very warm and fuzzy when I see a decorated tree, Christmas lights, even snow flakes… But the absolutely best thing about the holidays is all the delicious holiday food! Am I right?

Making your favorite wintery and Christmasy recipes vegan and/or gluten free isn’t as hard as it may seem! Take this delicious vegan gluten free banana nut bread: traditionally made with eggs, milk, butter, white heavily processed gluten-full flour, the recipe is easily transformed into a light sweet treat for everyone!

I got an early Christmas present (for myself) this year from Swanson Health Products. Shopping online for healthy products has never been easier, and this is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever seen - they have everything from vegan cosmetics to coconut oil (can’t live without it) to vegan baking mixes. 

Now this is what I call a great present..[/caption]

Although I sure do love to cook, and am not half bad at it, baking definitely isn’t my strong suit. Gluten free baking? Even more challenging. I have had my shares of crumbled cakes and dry cookies, and all sorts of disappointing kitchen tales. And although I am a definite advocate for cooking from the very scratch, I have found gluten free baking mixes to be absolute life saviors! 

I am a fan of Bob’s Red Mill products, they have a lot of gluten free options, they are organic and of course, mostly vegan - the one’s I know, at least. 

You can’t have Banana Nut Bread without nuts, and although you can obviously get as creative as you want here, I really enjoy delicious Brazil Nuts! I treated myself to a gift this Christmas, and I’m savoring this bag slowly in a few different preparations.

Baking usually requires large quantities of oil, and I like to stir clear of processed, hydrogenated oils. Coconut oil is always the best choice, specially extra virgin (meaning raw), organic kind. I’m loving Swanson’s oil, it as a great price, tastes good and cooks well. I use it for oil puling as well, an ancient Ayurvedic detoxing ritual. 

Putting all these delicious and healthy ingredients together, and voila - you’ve got yourself a Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread, perfect for holiday brunches and desserts. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’3’] This bread did not last long in my house! A few of my favorite ways to eat it:

  • with almond butter
  • with apricot jam
  • with a fruity smoothie
  • post workout
  • with ice cream for a special treat!
    Funny story: Acyuta loves Banana nut bread, and always jumps on the opportunity to buy it when he finds it. He even wants to get it at Starbucks, so I have to stop him, as that one’s not vegan or even probably vegetarian because it must have eggs in it. Well, only recently did I find out that he actually thinks that Banana Nut is a thing! As in, there is a nut out there called the Banana nut. So I had to explain to him that this is banana, (coma) nut bread. Bead with bananas and nuts. I almost died laughing! Men… 

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Happy Holidays! What delicious vegan eats did you enjoy this Christmas season?