Valentine's day gift guide for your Yoga Girl

So you’ve got yourself a twisted yoga goddess for a girlfriend. Good job! She likes to sweat, she wears yoga pants everywhere (not that you are complaining) and she does funky acrobatic stuff in a middle of a dinner party, you know, just to break the ice. That’s cool…

However, it’s romantic season gifting time and you are stuck with no ideas!

Chocolate is always a good choice - but is it vegan/organic/gluten free/fair trade… ? Ah, you are not even sure what she’s into (this week).

Flowers might be a simple but sweet choice - if only she wasn’t against robbing Mother Earth of it’s beautiful children. You remember her freaking out last time she got flowers as a gift, because, obviously, flowers belong in the soil and not dying in a vase.

You could go a practical route and give her a new mat, if only picking a mat wasn’t a whole process on it’s own. She’s on her 7th Jade Pro now and she’s just not sure if the traction is right, or if she should go back to Manduka. Yes, you are giving up already.

Well, fear not, because I’ve got a great yoga, eco-conscious, vegan and fair trade gift guide right here for you! Wether you are shopping for a girlfriend, a girl friend who you sweat with, your best friend, or yourself (hey, you deserve a gorgeous Valentine’s gift from your best admirer!), these gifts are sure to hit the mark! Follow this Valentine’s day gift guide for your Yoga Girl and you are all set!

1. Balanced Guru
Energy Mist Travel Size Kit

I am obsessed with this stuff! I love aromatherapy, and Balanced Guru hit the spot with Chakra focused mists (hint hint: Yoga Girls are really into that energy stuff). The travel sized kit ($25.00) gets you all 7 Chakra mists for a great price, and they are super practical to carry from her yoga bag to her everyday purse to her yoga inspired travels.

From their website: “Our energy mists will help your unblock any energetic blockages, we do recommend to complement them with meditation, yoga, therapy, singing, dancing, and anything that makes you feel good and alive.” Need I say more? She will love this gift, and you will love it too - because your yoga girl will smell delicious every time!

2. Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Squares
With Cranberries & Almonds


Yes, chocolate can be boring, predictable and kind of cheesy on Valentine’s Day. But, before you discard the idea completely, hear me out: Chocolate is great! That’s my argument. Come on, it’s chocolate! If I had a penny for every time I wished I got a simple dark chocolate bar instead of an elaborate, weird, off point gift, well, I’d have enough money to buy myself some chocolate.

If you know your girl is a chocolate fan, but are not sure what to get her - Endangered Species hits the mark. They are GMO free, Fair Trade, Vegan and a bunch of other eco-friendly, yoga-friendly stuff you don’t need to concern yourself with. This company has a special, heart warming mission behind it’s products, and the name says it all - protection of Endangered Species and the planet.

From their site: “With each chocolate bar, we are protecting diversity of life on our planet and promoting true global change. Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to partner organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation and humanitarian efforts.” You can find their current partners on their site.

Yoga girls love guys with big hearts (and chocolate. We all love chocolate)!

3. Yoga Jewelry
Yogala Jewelry Shiva Mala

Yoga girls love to wear jewelry, and if it’s boho style, yoga inspired, gypsy goddess themed.. well, all the better! And since I create my own handmade, unique yoga jewelry for my Yogala Jewelry Etsy store, how could I not include it in this list! I made my family and friends yoga inspired gifts this past Christmas, and am planing on creating romantic yogi gifts for my Valentine as well.

The collections vary from Yoga Basics to Chakra inspired, and I have a few Goddess of Love pieces as well if you want to head in that direction. They are dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love, Relationships and Romance, and wearing them strengthens and energizes those aspects of one’s life. Just in case you wanted to send a clear message.

4. Tibetan Singing Bowls
The Elephant Bowl

Tibetan Singing bowls are beautiful instruments that can be enjoyed and played by all, regardless of their musical talent and sense of rhythm. Their sound vibration is believed to have amazing effects on the mind and body, healing, calming and de-stressing. Your yoga girl has probably heard one of these at the end of her Savasana in a yoga class, and if you’ve heard her mention it more than once, she will probably love this gift.

The Elephant Bowl sells only the most quality, hand-picked, original and antique singing bowls, but that is not all. You can get a course in how to actually use singing bowls from them, and if you are interested in sets - you can get a personalized assessment and advice on picking the perfect sounds just for you. That means you can get a set of singing bowls hand picked according to your needs. Intimate, individual and on point - excellent for your Valentine, don’t you think?

If you are not ready to take the leap and purchase bowls for home use, you can always take your valentine on a Singing Bowls Concert date! There are few things more romantic for a yoga girl than enjoying a relaxing, candle-lit, healing sound event with her loved one! This company offers events, weekend workshops and teacher trainings in the ancient art of bowl singing.


5. Daughters of Culture
Goddess Promo Package

Your girl wouldn’t be a yoga girl without her funky yoga pants! From cute to funky to absolutely unique, just like your girl, the Daughters of Culture pants are sure to wow her off her yogi feet!

If you can’t make up your mind about which outfit would be the best hit, leave the decision up to the pros and have the company send you one of their monthly featured Goddess Promo Packages. They include the newest and greatest pants and top combo specially selected (and matching, of course) by the company peeps - and best part is, the product is guaranteed to be brand new and not yet released for standard purchase. New and unique yoga gear is all a yoga girl wants for Valentines!

No matter who and where you are this Valentine’s day, I wish you a love and yoga filled holiday!

From my heart to yours,