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Vegan Dining Guide: Asheville, NC

Asheville is a small Vegan mecca in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. This West North Carolina cultural center boosts interesting and lively events, shops, restaurants, and of course, people, from a


Raw flax crackers

One of the very first foods I discovered when I began my trip into rawfood land were raw flax crackers! They are incredibly easy to make, don’t really take long prep time (just dehydrating time), and


Almond Apple Sweet Balls

I love a good challenge! I stated that with so much enthusiasm, but I really have to take a few steps back and reconsider my statement. It depends on the challenge. Challenging personalities, no thank


I love pink (foods)!

Just for the record, I loved the color pink way before it was in style (and got out of style, and came back.. no one knows the real status today!). I loved it as a kid, I wore it all through my hight

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