Product Review: Bulu Box

I was very happy to receive Bulu Box as part of the Sweat Pink Ambassador program. This is a promoted post.

I remember when ‘the surprise boxes’, services of delivering boxes of goodies to your door, came to the market. I was very exited and gave a few companies a try, but unfortunately never stuck with a subscription because they didn’t really meet my needs, or they didn’t seem worth the price. A regular box of goodies costs between 20-30$, even more depending on what you are ordering, and (without naming the specific brands) I have to say they always just fell short. As someone who knows how to shop healthy deals, I always felt like I could get more for my buck if I was doing the shopping.

The only subscription I currently hold is with a local farm here in Northern California, they send me a box of fresh picked produce for 33$ and it’s always worth it! I can customize it, order more if I need to, and it’s all organic and high quality.

My shirt says Selfie, btw - perfect for pics of my feet and such[/caption]

Bulu box is a great new idea! They describe themselves as a vitamins and supplement subscription. For only $10, you get a box with about 4-5 products or samples (mine came with one full sized product and a few small sample sized goodies). The box itself is very pretty, orange colored with fun messages pasted all over. The goodies they send are not only food, but beauty and health products as well.
If you like things delivered to your door, if you like surprises (I sure do), and if you like to try new things without a commitment, Bulu is for you!

How it works?

Their website is pretty straightforward, something I definitely appreciate. You can try one box at a time or get a monthly subscription (with 3, 6 or 12 month options). Bulu comes to your door, your try the stuff they sent you, and if you like it - you go on their site and buy it! For someone who is always looking for new snacks, beauty products and sports nutrition, but isn’t willing to buy products and products until she finds what she’s looking for, this works great.

  • #1 thing for me was the price. $10 to spare isn’t much on a monthly basis, and you do get what seems like 10$ worth of goods. Like I mentioned, previous services always disappointed me, and giving 30$ a month that I could spend at a farmers market, or even Whole Foods, and get more products for the money, just wasn’t worth it for me.
  • Convenience. I think that’s the main marketing trick for any of these services. It’s fun, it comes straight to your door, and the purchase of products is easy and just as convenient.
  • Introducing new things into your health routine. We all get stuck in our ways from time to time, get used to brands and products - even when they don’t work perfectly. Most of the samples I received in my Bulu were brands I haven’t seen before/haven’t tried yet. New products are flooding the market every day, and if you are the kind of person that likes to try new things (again, totally me!), this is one of the easiest ways to do it.
  • They have a rewards program! So if you like sharing your opinion and reviewing products, you can earn up to 5$ a month to spend in their shop! Great option for those loving a good deal.
  • No customization (yet). I understand the service offers an element of surprise, but for us with special needs, diets or allergies, there is no way of making sure products you are receiving will be suitable for you.
    I have tried a few services before, and they had Vegan and Gluten Free box options. As I am Vegan, I received 3 out of 5 products that I couldn’t try: Jerky, which was the main full sized product; energy chews and an energy dietary supplement, both with gelatin in it - I use these kinds of products all the time and wish I could have tried them both. I ended up giving the products to my non-veg friend, and she approved. But if I were to commit to let’s say a 6 month subscription, as kind as it is to share, I wish I could make sure all products meet my needs.
    That’s the only Con I have, otherwise I love the idea and the service!

  • Anti-itch cream from Earth’s Care. As funky as this product may sound, I was actually suffering from some skin issues and dryness and really itching when this cream came it. It was a real hit. The size is perfect for traveling or just popping in your purse to have on the go, and it’s still a bit bigger than a tiny sample so I got a good use out of it. It’s refreshing (with menthol as an active ingredient) and moisturizing on the skin, so I definitely liked it, and I’ve never tried this product before.
  • Ginger-Citrus Guayusa Tea from Runa; for focused energy. Big tea drinker here, and I usually drink herbal, not caffeinated variety. This tea contains a bit of caffeine, tons of antioxidants, so it didn’t give me a crazy energy spike like coffee does. The only problem is I got one bag only, I really liked it and would definitely enjoy drinking it regularly.
    So now that you know all about Bulu box, and are itching to give it a try yourself, I’ve got good news - you can, and at half the price! I’ve got a great deal to share with everyone!
USE CODE SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3-month subscription at BuluBox.

(That’s 15$ for 3 months, or 3 boxes of Bulu. It’s definitely worth a try!).

And then come back and tell me what you think!