Reinvent yourself - New Year, New You

Happy New Year 2015!

We have officially entered the year from Back to the Future II, a sci-fi classic that shaped our ideas of the future in the 90s. Although there were no flying cars and hovering skateboards under the Xmas tree for me this year, and the fashion might be a tad different, I do really feel like the future has arrived!

Almost, right? Do you remember the two ties, the mini pizza that miraculously grew ten times it’s size in the microwave (radiation might do that to do, btw), or the shark hologram? Oh, you couldn’t care less about this movie? OK, moving on…

I have spent the first day of this year thinking about the future. My plans for this and upcoming years, in terms of health, fitness, lifestyle, travel - all the ideas, dreams and goals that have been culturing in the back of my mind. Nothing new, really. I wanted to commemorate my plans by doing something healthy and spiritually fulfilling, so I naturally took a yoga class!

It was my first time scouting a studio I am hopefully going to teach at soon, and in accordance with it being January 1st, I greatly enjoyed taking a class from a new instructor in a new space.

The teacher/studio owner invited us to write down our INTENTIONS for the upcoming year. Not resolutions, no empty plans and broken promises to yourself and others. She invited us to focus on how we would like to feel in the year year, rather than focusing on what we would like to do, where we would like to go, or how we would like to look. After writing down a few ideas on a paper, we continued to move on our mats while keeping our intentions list close by in case a new idea intuitively sprouts during class - this way, we could write it down immediately. Having the list visible at all times also served as a great reminder of my intentions during the asanas, and they slowly started to come to life as they transformed from words to actual feelings and sensations.

Interestingly enough, it did not take me long to think of all the feelings I would like to carry in the future. The ideas are there already, however, the wording makes a significant difference. Allow me to share:

  • I would like to travel as much as possible (always), but instead of focusing my ‘resolutions’ on a specific list of places I would like to visit (and the specific number of dineros I will have to spend to get there), I contemplated HOW DOES TRAVELING MAKE ME FEEL?
    It makes me feel adventurous! So feel adventurous it is. Excellent, these intentions aren’t that difficult to come up with after all.

I would also like to feel free in every situation, as much as possible. Stop putting constriction on myself, stop the constant judgment and doubt and rather feel capable of doing anything at any time.. and succeeding at my attempts as well. Feeling free, in the end, translates naturally into every situation and every relationship.

And as I was writing my intentions down and reading them back to myself during class, I realized just how easy it is to loose touch with yourself in this crazy, fast paced, modern and futuristic world! We are constantly seeking enjoyment, satisfaction, to be pacified, and we are seeking it in material things and outside world.

The first ‘rule’ of yoga is simply UNION. To connect. To tap into yourself and find your center, examine it, improve it, grow it… That is why you will hear the word intention in almost every yoga class around the world, and numerous times during the hour.

So why I am so excited about my New Year’s Intentions, you ask? Because sometimes (just sometimes), new realizations come from known situations, ideas we have contemplated before. Although I have done this mental exercise before, it felt so good to revisit it and implement it to my New Years Resolutions.

New Year is here, and so is the opportunity to create a whole New You. Reinvent yourself, from scratch if you will. Where will you start?

With Love and Light,

Happy New Years,