Raw noodles in cheesy almond sauce

I love raw food because it makes me feel incredibly light and satisfied at the same time. I’ve been moving away from eating high raw during the winter, or in times I am training for a longer race. But now that spring is definitely in the air, I’m craving light, vegetable preparations and raw foods all around. These vegetable raw noodles in almond sauce are easy to make, delicious, and satisfying. If you are new to raw foods, it’s preparations like these that will get you started - there is no need for long preparations or dehydrating. This recipe is perfect as a main or side dish, and can replace a salad if you are getting bored with the usual. 


There are a few ways to make raw noodles. First one is with a spiralizer, like a Mandoline slicer, which will make your veggies look just like dough noodles. I haven’t invested in that fancy piece of equipment yet, and am doing pretty good without it - so no worries if you don’t have one either! This dish can still be yours in a few minutes time. I have used a small device that looks like a peeler, but with ‘teeth’ for a long time, and it gives thin noodles similar to Mandoline’s. I just can’t find it since my last move, unfortunately. So I used my regular peeler, and voila - It came out just as good! You get thin but wide type of raw pasta with it.

The only other piece of equipment you’ll need is a high speed blender, like Vitamix, or a food processor. Some raw foods require dehydration and it ends up being a very long process, which is why I love the convenience of raw noodle dishes.

I advise using raw zucchini and carrots for this, because you want to get the best quality ingredients, specially when making raw foods. Plus, you are not cooking them, and although I am not sure you can actually kill some pesticide with cooking or not, it still tastes and feels much better to eat organic produce. 

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Look at that delicious veggie goodness[/caption]

I served my noodles with marinated tempeh. It’s super easy and quick to make, not to mention delicious. I prefer to buy tempeh from my local health foods store, organic and locally made here in Asheville. If not, I like Lifelight, or Trader Joe’s. 

Tu make, marinate tempeh strips in Brass’ liquid aminos, which is a wheat-free, raw version of soy sauce, for 5-10 minutes. Grill on medium heat until brown, about five minutes, turn and grill on the other side. And that’s all!