Prana spring style - Yoga product review and discount code

With the rise of Yoga in the western world (it’s estimated to be a 27 billion dollar industry), there’s an imminent rise of yoga beauty, fashion and lifestyle products as well. As a yoga instructor, and devoted practitioner of not just the physical practice, but predominately of the spiritual, metaphysical science behind it, I shy away from yoga trends and fads. Instead, I focus on spreading the deeper message that lies within, and always push deeper, beyond the surface. The superficial level of chasing that ‘hot yoga body’, mastering the handstand, and collecting fancy overpriced products that come with yoga lifestyle, can be very distracting from it’s true purpose. All that being said, I live in yoga pants. I literally have more yoga products, specially clothing items, than I do any other clothes. The athleisure wear trend rubbed off of me quicker than you can say down dog. After all, I practice feeling zen and peaceful as much as possible, it only makes sense I feel comfortable in my second-skin clothes as well. 

But the struggle is real… Finding eco-conscious, durable and (dare I say) pretty yoga clothes, in the sea of overpriced over-hyped products, isn’t an easy task. I am not here to talk down on Lululemon, I actually worked for the company at one point. I am also not going to complain about how expensive and bland organic cotton pants are at my local eco-conscious retailer, although they sure are unfairly priced, just like organic produce. I’m here to talk about the yoga brand prAna and the new Prana spring style collection.

I want to feel comfortable, look good when I step in front of a room to teach a class, few times a day, but not worry that a child slave made my garment. With the name like prAna, I immediately fell for the brand and the idea behind it, as it seemed to fulfill my needs. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life force, energy, similar to Qui or Chi, and it represents that universal juice that keeps us alive. 

PrAna brand has been circulating in the yoga world for a while now, and I finally got to test them out recently! I was happy to participate in the prAna spring challenge and receive a pair of capris to test out, as a #SweatPink Ambassador. And test out I did!

To make sure my yoga clothes will serve a purpose, I took them out and about and tested the in various environments!


The Maison Kicker capris are very light weight, moisture wicking but with a soft feel, more cottony than running shorts, and the length is just right - they hit below the knee, and for a petite girl like me that’s hard to find. 

Aerial yoga - check! The pants do not have any zippers and feel perfectly smooth and slide easily in the aerial hammock.

Hot yoga - check! The pants didn’t feel heavy or drenched in sweat after teaching my extra hot and sweaty class (105 degrees in 35% humidity). 

Regular yoga - check! If they pass the hot yoga test, they are good in any yoga situation. 

Studio to streets - check! Comfortable, soft and fashionable, to take on the road and run errands in. 

Running - I haven’t check that yet! They have a small inside pocket, which would come in handy for a key or a gel on the run, but I actually tend to not wear my brand new and pretty clothes to run if I can avoid it. I just feel like it could wear them out too soon, so I gave my Maison Kickers a run break for now. 

Now off to more important topics - sustainability. Prana describes itself as a company that with a ”MISSION IS TO INSPIRE HEALTHY, ACTIVE, AND FREE-SPIRITED LIVING”. Sounds good enough for now, and definitely hits home. The materials, people and process that takes to create these clothes all claim to be sustainable and leave a good footprint on this world. With materials like hemp and organic cotton, the fabrics itself seem friendly on the skin.

Prana also dedicates itself to bluesign systems, which make sure fabrics they use meet the highest environmental and human safety standards. If there is something I stand behind, after reducing animal agriculture and negative impacts of factory farming, is environmentally friendly textile production.

Just as with food, Americans waste tons and tons of clothes yearly, simply throwing away items, some in perfectly good or unused conditions. The coloring and other harsh chemicals used in production pollute us and the earth. But if there’s anyone who should reconsider such practices, it’s YOGA BRANDS!

If you like prAna for yourself, use code PSSS16GITR for 15% off! Hurry, it expires soon! Here are some cute pieces I like: 

Prana spring style collection[/caption]

Clockwise, from left to right: Ergo leggingBoost printed topRoxanne capriSaida Kaftan

I love their colors and prints! A lot of their pieces come in a variety of colors and styles, and the boho hippie vibe definitely appeals to me. 

Unlike a lot of yoga brands, prAna definitely offers a variety of clothes for men. They carry more street style garments, than yoga studio or performance gear, but nonetheless. I can’t say I loved everything in their collection, unlike Women’s (I rarely see something I wouldn’t wear), but it’s a definite improvement over other popular brands. My husband always complains about never finding men’s clothes that are colorful, funky or out of the ordinary, and I agree - their collections are usually full of greys, blacks and browns. I see a big improvement in prAna spring style!

Men’s Prana spring style collection[/caption]

Counter clockwise: Jax full zip hoodie, Bronson Pant and Vibes Tee shirt - isn’t it cool!? 

Again, that discount code is PSSS16GITR for 15% off at prAna! Happy spring shopping…