Mighty Berry Smoothie Bowl with Hemp seeds

Smoothie bowls are my absolute favorite breakfast treat! Ever since I discovered Acai bowls and similar granola topped frozen treats (including the one’s from Jamba Juice, although my homemade ones are definitely healthier), these have been my breakfast staple most days a week. Easy to make, absolutely delicious, and as healthy as you can make them - I love preparations that allow you to be as creative as you want! Add protein powders, green powders like Amazing grass, fiber, omegas, healthy fats… this breakfast can be anything you need it to be! My mighty berry smoothie bowl is one of the favorite smoothie bowls, filled with delicious antioxidant, and low in sugar berries, and topped with omega, protein and fiber rich hemp seeds and nuts. 

My fridge is always stocked with frozen fruits and veggies. Although I absolutely prefer raw, fresh picked, prana (energy) filled produce, there are just so many benefits to shopping in the frozen section, or freezing produce yourself:

  • Access to fruits and veggies that aren’t in season
  • Access to produce that simply isn’t available fresh/local 
  • Access to organic produce, that is only available in conventional in fresh produce section
  • Better prices, specially on berries or tropical fruits
  • Longevity of your produce
  • Freezing fresh fruits and veggies when they are too ripe, or you have too much
  • Some foods, like smoothies or ice cream, are just better when made with frozen produce
  • No need to worry about using it on time or produce going bad quickly
  • Very convenient in the summer when temperatures are high and produce is short-lived
  • Finding fruits and veggies when you thought your fridge/pantry was empty and you didn’t get to go shopping!
    The last one is my favorite. I usually use up the fresh produce in my house first, and it happens from time to time that I open the fridge and can’t find anything to eat - this is when my freezer comes to the rescue. I always stock on frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries and mixed berry are my favorite), frozen peas, edamame, corn, which are great for anything from soups to salads. I shop organic as much as possible, and often the frozen will be cheaper than fresh. 

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It doesn’t get much better than this! I could eat smoothie bowls every day.. and I almost do! With the addition of nuts, seeds, fruits, granola and more, they become a complete meal and keep me full till lunch!

Bon Apetit!