Holiday Apple Oatmeal Recipe

The holidays are in the air…

Vegan Thanksgiving was very successful in my house this year, with Acyuta and I attending the The Asheville Vegan Society Meet-up on Wednesday with another 100 veg lovers and enthusiasts - yes, 100 people! How great is that? I really can’t emphasize the association of other vegetarians and vegans, animal lovers and animal rights activists, specially in times like these. A lot of us can get lonely around the holidays, specially if you are the only one in your family or friend group that is a plant-based eater. It always reminds me all those hilarious memos I see on my Instagram feed:

Unfortunately, for some of us veggie ‘weirdos’, that’s real life too… That’s why I love Meet-up (if you’ve never used it yet, you simply must check your local one out!), and every time I move, like now, I immediately join the local vegan, vegetarian, raw food groups and voila - I’ve got veg friends in real life too!

A local Asheville restaurant Eden Out provided this delicious goodness. The plates were only $15 (I was absolutely amazed), and half of the proceedings went back to the Vegan Society. It was a score all around!

I know the picture is not the most artistic, but I assure you the meal was absolutely amazing![/caption]

I couldn’t skip on cooking at home myself, so I made a Tofurkey roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and other delicious things at home just for the two of us (the next day). As a European, I obviously didn’t grow up celebrating (this) Thanksgiving, but with the years I’ve grown fond of holidays in general. And as a national turkey (murder) day, I was very happy to support a non-aggressive, plant based celebration of the holiday.

Vegan Holiday Apple Oatmeal

All of that celebrating and eating got me inspired in the kitchen, so I decided to whip up some holiday breakfast recipes, most notably a holiday oatmeal recipe. I am a big fan of smoothies and smoothie bowls for breakfast, as my Instagram feed and this blog definitely prove! However, the colder mornings are here, and some rainy days I wake up craving satisfying, comforting, cooked breakfasts. I do believe you can eat a high raw diet in the winter as well, but I am also listening to my body’s needs, which on some days mean soups and stews and porridges and such.



This is my first winter (or will be, since it’s not officially winter yet) in about 5 years now! I can tell my body is slowly adapting and remembering the seasons I grew up in. The diet of soups and stews is what we survived Croatian winters on - which, albeit mild compared to northern Europe, were still quite cold in the mountains I grew up in. And as a Vata minded individual according to Ayurveda, I can really tell the comforting foods are doing good for my body and mind in harsh weather conditions.

Without further ado.. here’s the super quick and easy holiday oatmeal recipe - loaded with warming spices like cinnamon, and cooked seasonal apples to top.

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