Hemp Heart Bar Review

New protein bars are on the market, and they are vegan, gluten free, high raw and delicious! I for one am super happy about these news, as I really do love bars and eat them on a regular basis. My go-to breakfast, when I have to take in on the road, is a smoothie and a bar. My bags are full of bars, because I carry food around just in case I’m ever hungry (like a grandma) and I snack on them often in between teaching yoga classes. I even eat them as dessert, as I figure it’s a healthier option than a cookie. I am also a huge fan of hemp seeds, so when Manitoba Harvest released the new Hemp Heart Bar, I was very happy to be given new flavors to test and review. 

I tried two flavors, Chocolate and Apple cinnamon (there’s a Vanilla one as well). Here’s my honest review:


  • low in sugar - 8g (per 45g bar)
  • high in (vegan) protein - 10g
  • high in fiber - 4g
  • high in (good) fat - 16g
  • low in sodium - 20 mg
  • low in carbohydrates - 13g 
  • high in OMEGAS - 10g


  • relatively high in calories (210 kcal, which is about 30 more than an average bar of my liking)
  • the texture (I’ll explain)
    Since the Hemp Heart bars are made predominantly of hemp seeds, of course they are high in fat (I put that under PRO column, but am aware it might be a CON to some), and in calories. I prefer my bars under 200 kcal, if you want to make it a light snack. I always compare the caloric value to the level of fullness and the sheer volume of the foods. A relatively small bar, although filled with satisfying fat and protein, still doesn’t satisfy me as much as I’d like it to, therefore I think 210 kcal is a tad high. 

Now onto the texture - it is interesting, and not necessarily bad. I am used to crunchy bars, and the Hemp Heart bars are very chewy, but not crunchy at all. I am crushing on the new Simply Nutty Dark Chocolate Nut Bars from Trader Joe’s right now, and those have that perfect texture. When I’m not munching on those, I love me a good Kind bar. Both TJ’s and Kind are lower in sugar, and have replaced my obsession with Cliff, which packs on a good 200-230 kcal and over 20g of sugar.

Now, Manitoba brought another bar into the game, and it’s most unique feature is probably the OMEGAs content - which is Hemp seeds’ secret weapon. This is a great natural and delicious source of omegas for every day consumption.

However, try them yourself and see - the texture might be perfect for you! The fact that they are not that crunchy makes them somewhat easier to digest before a workout, and they pair perfectly with a smoothie. 

You want some of these goodies for yourself?

Here’s a code for 15% off: hhbarlaunch1015. Shop here.

Manitoba harvest is running a photo contest as well, just post a pic of you enjoying their products on your social media! Tag @manitobaharvest and use the hashtag #fuelledbyhemp to be automatically entered to WIN your favorite hemp food product each month. More details of the photo contest here.

Tell me: have you tried hemp seeds or bars before? What’s your favorite way to use them?