BeFit All Year Review and Giveaway

Now that the winter has shown it’s sharp teeth, there is a question on everyone’s mind - how to stay fit in this season? More importantly, how to be fit all year long? Luckily for us, fitness lovers can rejoice because BeFit has created a new 30-day healthy living program to keep us sweating (pink), eating well and maintaining our energy high! This BeFit All Year program combines a workout calendar, workout videos and nutritional supplements - basically all you’ll ever need!

As a #SweatPink ambassador, I was very happy to receive the nutritional supplements and videos that go with the workout calendar and gave it a go! And I have a brand new Nutrition Package to GIVEAWAY to one lucky reader! Read through, and find the giveaway at the bottom.

Here’s my experience with BeFit:

BeFit nutrition products

What do you get in this program?

  1. Workout Videos - fun, short yet challenging workouts that you can do anywhere. Most require very little props, like dumbbells. If you are not at a gym, you can definitely skip the props or get creative (I always remember Tony from P90x saying you can grab a can of soup, a dog or a small nephew and start laughing).
  2. Workout Calendar - although you might like some videos more than others, you should be exercising in a certain order, and this calendar tells you when to sweat, when to rest, and repeat. 
  3. Nutritional Supplements - you can order a few different types of supplements on the BeFit site. In the program I followed, I was using Burn nutrition (before the largest meal of the day), and the Pre workout energy booster. The package also comes with Whey protein, which is dairy based, so I replaced it with my own Plant-based protein powder. 


  • The introduction video tells you exactly what to expect, so if you are considering joining the program, this is the place to stop by first. It also introduces you to the fitness instructors, Astrid and Danielle. The girls seem fun, friendly yet professional. As a yoga instructor, I always listen to instructions a bit more carefully, and can always notice if the trainer or instructor doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s not that I am critical, but I can’t help it either - if someone is instructing me to do something I know could lead to injury or enforces improper form, I won’t be happy. The girls are pretty good at what they do, however, so I was happy! I’m not saying this only because they are visibly fit, which doesn’t hurt, but because they do offer modifications, consider possible injuries or issues like lower back pain, and demo the form right as well. 
  • The workouts are about 10 min long, so definitely doable on a daily basis. As I mentioned earlier, you won’t need many props to make these happen. I tried to take them to my gym a few times, which was great for when I needed dumbbells (like in Cardio Extreme or Dynamic Strength workout), but my own yoga mat at home did the trick on days I didn’t feel like leaving the house to work out. 
  • As I was recovering from Miami Marathon, I didn’t jump into the workouts like nuts, but rather took it slow. What I really liked about the program is that the workouts are challenging, but aren’t too demanding either, specially time wise. If you are already in a certain training cycle, like training for a race, you can add these on your regular schedule without worrying about working out too much or skipping on important training days.

So which were my favorite videos? It’s hard to chose. I’m a fan of squats, big fan of planks - and so are our trainers (yay), and love to sweat it out. I loved Cardio Extreme, Cardio Burn and Legs and Butt Shaper. Arms and Abs weren’t my favorite, because I didn’t have access to a dumbbell every time I did it, so I had to improvise - this is the one you really can’t do without extra weight in your arms.

You might feel like the workouts are too short, if you’ve been working out for some time, but as you finish the first half of the month, you enter the third week - which is when things get serious! I loved doing doubles on certain days, and I would pair my workouts with runs and hot yoga as well. As I teach yoga for a living, I basically did yoga every day of the program, and it helped me combat soreness. 

The girls do some videos solo, and some together - and although they were great individually, I really liked videos where they are both co-teaching! It just seemed a bit more fun. 



Pretty self-explanatory. Yes, there are rest days! Always good to know.

By looking at the names of the workouts, I thought I’d know approximately what to expect. But I was wrong! These are fat burning, high intensity cardio and strength workouts. Even a workout like Cardio Extreme will leave you sore, as there are a lot of squats involved. In my experience, each and every video challenged the whole body. I liked that they focused on lower body with lots of squats and lunges and variations, and core with planks and V sit-ups (like boat pose in yoga). I feel like I need to work on by booty and core most, so they worked perfectly for me!

How do these compare to workout videos I’ve done in the past?

I’ve done P90x and Insanity in the past, completing the full program each time, and have done Brazilian But lift from Beach Body as well, but very sporadically. 

I would say these videos would be a mash up of P90x and Insanity - they use less weights and props than P90, but aren’t as fast and intense as Insanity. Now don’t get me wrong, the girls move pretty fast. If you don’t know the moves, it will take you a few seconds to catch up. I feel they focus on lower body more than upper body, and more than the aforementioned workout programs, which kind of makes sense since the instructors are girls! I feel men always lean towards building their biceps, pecs etc, while us girls want a toned lower body more. They do have an arms and abs

video as well, if that’s your thing. 

The workouts don’t have a warm-up and cool down/stretch, which makes sense since they are much shorter, so I added my own stretches afterwords. 

BeFit’s Nutritional Products

The nutrition plan (which you can win!) consists of Burn veggie caps, Pre Workout energy drink powder supplement, and a Whey Protein. I skipped on whey and used my own plant-based protein powder in morning smoothies. 

Protein smoothie every day!

Here is where things got a bit tricky fore me. Yes, working out on a steady calendar schedule isn’t easy for me, as I am more of a “do what you feel today” kinda girl, specially if I don’t have any long races coming up. But keeping tabs on my nutrition seemed to be the biggest challenge of them all!

I just forgot to drink my Burn pills on most days! Which means I still have a good amount of them and I will continue drinking them. You are supposed to take two pills, 10 minutes before the biggest meal of the day. Some days I would remember for lunch, some for dinner, some none at all… And since I have a different schedule on each day, my lunches where not always at say 1pm, to set an alarm for it. 

The Pre Workout drink tastes like raspberries to me, similar to Fizz and drinks I use to hydrate when running or doing hot yoga. It is pretty strong though, so I had to adjust the amount I was throwing in my bottle and it took me a few days to get used to the taste. I also didn’t drink one every day, before each workout. Dang it!

I managed to drink my protein smoothie every morning, and I’m feeling great about it. I’m planning on continuing with my schedule and hopefully getting more steady with Pre and Burn. 

In conclusion:


  • Videos are fun, challenging, easy to follow
  • Can do the workouts anywhere, anytime
  • Not a grand commitment, either time-wise, financially, or in terms of equipment
  • Calendar is easy to follow
  • Full package - workouts + nutrition + clear instructions


  • If you forget to take your nutrition as directed, well then you don’t get all the benefits!
  • I believe the instructors are this fit from doing these types of workouts, but they clearly work out more than 10min a day, so you probably should too

I haven’t completed the full 30 days yet, and when I do, I will continue the challenge, probably trying to do the second two weeks of the program again, because they have certain days with two workouts a day. So far, I haven’t lost any considerable weight (and I’m also a big believer in what I feel like, more than what the number says - so I don’t weight myself that often). However, I see more definition in my core and my planks are getting stronger each day. I will continue to use this program, and hopefully get on board with all of my nutrition to see optimal results. I definitely recommend BeFit!

Now onto the good stuff… the GIVEAWAY!

To enter for a chance to win the Nutrition Package from BeFit, which includes the Pre Workout drink (in powder), Burn and Whey Protein (If you’re vegan like me you can sub it with your own protein, the other two are vegan products!), just comment telling me:
What is your next fitness goal?

Mine is to do another Half Ironman this year… let’s see if it happens!