Tropical Mango Smoothie recipe

I wrote this smoothie recipe and article for Fitletic, a brand of running and triathlon accessories, and a company on who’s team I ran Ragnar Florida Keys 2014 adventure race.

Spring is in full swing, with summer just around the corner. That means runners, cyclists and other athletes are rejoicing everywhere, taking their workouts outdoors and enjoying the warm sun, as they train and compete. The racing seasons are officially open, and athletes are setting their goals and growing stronger by the day.

The changes in weather bring certain changes in our training plans as well. As it gets hotter and hotter, the workouts have to be earlier (or later). The sun has it’s magic effects on all of us meaning hydration and proper nutrition are key to staying strong and healthy. Besides taking your hydration with you on the road, sealing your workout with a proper post workout meal should be a priority.

Now, what’s better on a nice hot day, after a long sweaty workout, than a delicious refreshing smoothie? It’s a perfect way to get a full nutrition boost all in one glass. Smoothies are easy to digest, and full of nutrients as you pack in vitamin-rich fruits and veggies.

They can be customized with protein powders, peanut butter, or superfood boosts. And, most importantly, they are super tasty! All you need to make a smoothie is a blender. A high speed blender like Vitamix or Blendtec is definitely worth all the hype (and the price), but if investing in a professional type of equipment isn’t your priority, any blender will do. Just make sure you bend long enough so your produce does turn smoothy.

This Tropical Mango smoothie is a runners favorite. It’s sweet, satisfying, easy to make, and with a few nutrition boosts like goji berries and protein powder, it turns into a superfood meal.

Head over to Fitletic’s blog for full recipe!