SKINS compression gear review and giveaway

I still remember the first few months when I seriously got into running - or to put it romantically, discovered my love for running. Everything was brand new, I had so much enthusiasm and will (read: was able to push myself above and beyond), and I just adored everything running. I would read Runner’s world magazine with such excitement, try out new GU flavors, and follow Scott Jurek’s every move in a totally non-stalker fashion. Oh those were the days..

That was the time I met a cool man in a running club who offered me to come work for him in a running store, and I was actually pretty psyched about it. I got to talk about running all day long, wear shorts and sneakers to work, and eat protein bars for my lunch break (not always the best idea). It was during that period that I got to see all the ins and outs of the running industry, and let me tell you, it is a huge industry! I got to see and test out new products when they first came on the market, I met local running champions, and ran in local races with my friends almost every weekend. Again, those were the days..

I loved compression gear as soon as I first heard of it! I got obsessed with wearing calf sleeves, and happily participated in Ragnar Florida Keys on part of Zensah compression gear team. I got brand new Cw-X compression pants in new colors when they came out, and would even wear compression arm sleeves when it got ‘chilly’ outside (I lived in Miami back then, so not too often). Hence, I think I can state with confidence I know my compression.

Crossing the finish line of my first Ragnar with Zensah

When I got a chance to try out new SKINS DNAmic line of compression clothing, I was excited as usual. I have a couple of pairs of long compression pants, that I wear more for running and racing than recovery, because they are honestly pretty tight and therefore uncomfortable. That has been my complaint with most compression gear that I’ve ever tried! It’s either:

  • Too tight and uncomfortable
  • Hard to put on or take off
  • Too loose and stretches out too quickly, hence not effective
  • Too expensive (as most specialized running gear is)
  • Material is too rough or has an unnatural feel to it

SKINS Compression capris

I decided to try out tights from SKINS, as I needed another pair of capris for running and yoga, and was hoping they will prove to be useful for everyday wear. SKINS carries two-in-one compression shorts that caught my eye too, but I definitely like to have compression on my quads so I figured tights were the best fit.

Here is what SKINS have to say about their technology and ideas behind the product:

SKINS BioAcceleration Technology™ will enhance your performance in training, competition & recovery and give you an edge over your competition. What makes SKINS BioAcceleration Technology™ so special? It’s scientifically proven to increase muscular strength and endurance as well as decrease recovery time. This makes SKINS Gradient Compression clothing ideal for any sporting activity – and yes people think our running tights and cycling tights rule.

I haven’t done a triathlon in a while, and am hoping to get back into it. Their gear seems like a perfect addition to a triathlete’s training, even more so than just running I must say! Block workouts of cycling and running mean your legs will need special care afterwards.

Aerial yoga in compression tights
Handstans are easier with Aerial yoga

When I first opened my package, I immediately noticed how the material is very smooth, not as thick as my other compression pants. I was very pleasantly surprised when I put them on, and they were less tight and more comfortable than any similar gear I have tried. I got a size XS, and was wondering if I will regret it, but luckily I didn’t.

I wore them out to test on a run, and they worked perfectly. I’m in Costa Rica currently, where it’s very hot and humid (even though we are in rainy season), so I prefer shorts on my runs.

My running path every day in Costa Rica
Sweaty summer runs are the best

I do wear yoga pants when teaching, so I immediately took my new compression tights for a test ride in the Aerial hammock. I was very satisfied. I don’t know if I can stress enough just how important it is for one’s pants to be comfortable in yoga, and just how hard it is to find compression pants that can double as yoga pants. SKINS capris look and feel good, they don’t ride up or are uncomfortable when I stretch, which is very hard to achieve in an Aerial class where there is plenty of pinching involved.

Getting a good stretch in after my long run

I have been training for San Jose half marathon in July, and I wore my SKINS whenever I needed to recover from a training run. I’ve been running on the beach, which isn’t easy for my calves and quads, so they have been very effective in my training. Unfortunately, I waited too long to sign up for the race, waiting on my husband to decide if he’s coming to Costa Rica to meet me, so the race got filled up! I am of course pretty disappointed, but I’m on a search for a new race, maybe a trail one - the mountains here are a killer!

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