Prana fall style 2017 review + discount code

It’s that time of the year again - the new (fashion) season is upon us!

In full disclosure, growing up in Croatia, a beautiful country with four distinctive seasons, at one point I grew tired of loooong winter months, icy rains and melting snow, grey skies and pale faces. It was soon after that I miraculously discovered there are places in this world, some compare them to paradise, that do-not-have-snow! They are called the tropics. And after a few years of living in Florida and Costa Rica, I have almost forgotten what it feels like to prepare for a new fall season with sweaters, scarves and hot cocoa. Not that a hot cocoa (with almond milk), under a cozy blanket on a toasty night doesn’t sound nice.. I do sometimes miss the winter seasons, especially around the holidays. But then I go to the beach and it helps me forget.

Golden ocean view sunsets forever - View from my center Hari Om Food & Wellness, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Back to the new season.. What I love about prAna is that their fall style works perfectly for me, year round. The colors this season are absolutely beautiful (check out my new rocking pair of ocean blue yoga pants in wave patterns as proof), and the material is tight-knit, non-transparent, but still perfectly light for a hot day, or hot yoga. I also opted for a cute top with strappy back, which in my prediction is a super trend that will not go away anytime soon, in pattern and sunset-like colors. So even though they are targeted towards the upcoming fall, the new pieces are a great investment for seasons and trends to come. From more traditional pieces in earthy colors, to funky patterns, knits and designs, there is something for everybody and every style in the new collection.

My new finds match my prAna pieces from the spring collection as well!

prAna Balletic top from the back

Why do I like prAna?

I’ve answered this question before, but it’s worth repeating. As a yogi who is conscious about her impact on the world, I’m always on a lookout for clothes that align with my principles. And I’ll tell you, it’s not that easy. My main reason for eating a vegetarian/vegan diet for the last 16 years is because I do not want to cause suffering to any living entity, and believe animals have the right to live happily and peacefully without human intervention. However, the positive eco-friendly impact a no-meat diet has on the environment is undeniable, and makes my choice that much easier to execute. I opt to go paperless or use recycled when possible, have driven a plug-in hybrid and even gone car-free for over a year.

However, accessing affordable eco friendly clothes isn’t that easy! At this point, we can’t know for sure if any commercial piece of clothing in a regular store or mainstream company has been made without any controversy. From child labor, to materials that are basically un-degradable plastic, what you wear can carry serious consequences that are often hidden from the general public. When revealed in huge scandals, those issues are still rarely properly addressed and problems aren’t always resolved.
The only other eco-friendly clothes I have access to are from local artists in Costa Rica. It’s cool to support small businesses or even artistic individuals, but even then I can’t guarantee the actual materials used aren’t harming Mother Earth. When I first encountered prAna, I’ll be honest I was a lululemon fan (I even worked for the company for a while), but the fact that conscious production and ecological materials are at the center of their business motto, attracted me to the brand immediately.

prAna Yoga pants in my fave colors

So how to dress eco-consciously?

Avoid fast fashion and unnatural materials, take care of your clothes and have them last instead of going on shopping sprees every few months, read labels to avoid unnatural dyes and toxins, skip child factories and unfair labor, shop recycled, thrift and vintage, and finally stick to conscious brands that can help resolve half of the issues with one purchase.

Here’s are my fave picks from the fall season:

Roxanne printed leggings in INDIGO GARDEN

They run true to size - I’m petite and I’ve found even the size S too big in some of prAna’s collection, but these XS were a perfect fit! They are not too long either, which makes for a common problem for us petite folk (which is a fancy word for short, a word we usually hate!). I’ll be honest, one of my fave prAna capris from a few seasons have so much wear on them that they back got a tiny hole (on the butt, of course, because I am a yoga instructor after all). I still wear them btw. But these have a slightly better woven pattern on them that they will clearly last me a long time.


My top did have the previously mentioned issue, and the size xs is a tad loose on me, but as my husband constantly reminds me, not all of my clothes have to be real tight. After all, yoga pants have had a lot of controversy surrounding them. This top doesn’t have yoga written all over it however, and goes super well with shorts and jeans, so I’ve gotten more casual wear out of it than I expected!

I love my picks and would love to of course shop for more! Here’s what I would get next:

Elixir Bra is super cute on the front and back, and comes in a bunch of colors and patterns. Most importantly, it looks perfectly comfortable for lounging around the house or stretching in a yoga class.
Filament Tank I was seriously considering getting this tank, and although I’m very happy with my pick, I would get this one next. I saw lots of #SweatPink girls get it and it looks super cute.

prAna Roxanne printed leggings in Indigo Garden

Want to shop prAna for yourself? Use my discount code FAM15 for 15% off!

Disclaimer: I have received prAna products as part of a Sweat Pink campaign. All opinions are my own.