Prana Spring collection 2017 yoga apparel review

The spring is just around the corner, and although I’m spending my time between Costa Rica and Florida, both sunny and warm tropical locations, I can feel the spring in the air.

Nature is awakening in Costa Rica

I’m currently in Manuel Antonio, CR, preparing to teach a yoga class on a deck overlooking the lush green tropical jungle, when I spot a tree in full bloom. The flowers are pastel violet, in thick soft clusters, and that sight makes the whole green jungle seem that much more beautiful. It seems like the tree just bloomed minutes ago, because I teach here a few times a week and I’ve never noticed it before. I can’t tell what type of tree or flower it is, and although the flora is completely different here than where I grew up, or the climates I’m used to, it is absolutely mesmerizing and it sure feels like spring.

With spring come all the natural changes - time to clean our closets, start a new detox program, check in with our New Year’s resolutions, and re-think our lives all together. I’m joking, but not really. Spring is the perfect time to hit that reset button. To create, explore, put something new in motion.

I see more people traveling in spring (March is the busiest month here in Costa Rica), and more and more people in my yoga classes every day. Although yoga is apparently a multi billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing trends, I still get lots of people trying yoga, and particularly aerial yoga, for the first time. Another sign of new life, if you ask me. Yoga sure has changed mine!

My life is all about feeling comfortable while teaching yoga, sometimes on the beach

Us yogis like to look at life from a yogic perspective. Although that may mean different things to different people, and yoga offers us a variety of philosophies and practices to chose from, there are certain things lots of yogis can agree on. We like to be comfortable. We like to practice mindfulness and feel calm. We generally want to be happy! We also want the world around us to be happy, peaceful place. For some, that extends to all aspects of our lives.

I would like to count myself among those yogis who practice all eight limbs of yoga, from non-violence to meditation, and try to incorporate those principles in my life choices. That’s why I like to use items in my everyday life that I feel contribute to making this world a better place, rather than create imbalance. That is easier said than done.

These days, the talk on sustainable living, mindful shopping and ethical choices is stronger than ever. Ideally, I’d just live of my own food grown in my own garden and make my own clothes. That’s not really possible, right now, so I search for the next best thing, like shopping locally from a kind farmer.
I also like to find eco friendly clothing made from comfortable, sustainable materials. I’ve been striking luck here in Costa Rica, where I found quite a few local artists who make their own, super cute and funky, clothes!

Surprise new package at the door!

That’s why I loved prAna from the get go - they promise sustainability and eco-conscious production process as well as materials, all while delivering a cute product that you can wear to the trendiest yoga studio or festival and look as yoga-cool as you want.

Luckily, I feel that prAna is one of the companies I can rely on producing yoga related products with a yogi perspective in mind. I’ve enjoyed their apparel before and look forward to wearing it again. After a small local sustainable business, this is my second favorite way to stock my closet.
As a SweatPink ambassador, I’ve tried, tested and reviewed their products in the past couple of seasons, Spring ‘16 and Fall ‘16. That’s why I was excited to see what’s in store for spring this year, and I loved the choices!

As soon as I saw this image, I fell in love with that top! Perfect for oceanview yoga

I picked out a super cute, breezy top with a built-in bra (one of my fave inventions), in almost transparent material that feels like second skin. It’s called Mika Strappy Top, in Summer Peach color, made with Recycled Polyester and Cotton blends, and in a comfy relaxed fit. I love the strappy back, and the pastel color that reminds me of Costa Rican sunsets!

Kind of like this sunset

I love yoga tops, but my true passion are colorful funky yoga pants! These Chetan capris have quite a unique busy pattern (called Moonrock On Point), but because of it’s muted colors, come off very neutral and easy to wear on a daily basis. They also match my top perfectly, though that wasn’t necessarily my goal when I was picking out my choices - I really just went for the cutest items I could find. It’s worth noting they are made of hemp, organic cotton and only 5% Spandex.

Cute yoga and pant combo

Now, what kind of a yogi would I be, rambling on and on about my cute new outfit, if I didn’t share the goods with you? If you’d like to try out (or restock) on prAna’s latest gear:

Use my discount code S4P17GIR for a 15% off!

And then let me know - how do you like prAna’s clothes? What are your favorite eco friendly brands?