Prana Fall Style - Yoga apparel Review

The fall is in full swing, which means - PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! Just kidding.. Besides Pumpkin soup, I’m really not that girl, if you know what I mean.

I actually don’t get to enjoy fall as much as I would like to! For the last few months, I’ve been living between Florida and Costa Rica, where I’m currently teaching yoga and aerial yoga - which are both super tropical, eternal summer kind of climates. As a European girl born into four seasons, there are days I seriously miss changes that come with fall - the colorful leaves, the rustic smell in the air, grape picking and apple pies. I do get to swim in the ocean in January, so you know, I’ve made my compromises.

However, when my husband and I decided to take a quicky impromptu trip to Europe in October, I was all over it! Yes, I will get my fall fix after all. I love and miss Europe very much - this was my first visit in five years! I just don’t know where the time went. But last few years, every summer/fall season when I want to visit home, something else comes up! I also lived in California for a while, which made the trip extra long (and pricy)… But alas, my homesickness was quenched.

There was another reason that made my Europe trip extra sweet - fall fashion! I am NOT kidding. Let me tell you just how excited (and maybe just a tad fashion crazy) I got. As a #sweatpink Fitapproach Ambassador, I got to chance to sample PrAna’s fall collection of cozy sweaters and pants. I’ve partnered with them before. After reviewing their super cute yoga pants for prAna Spring Style collection, I was happy to see what they had in store for the fall season as well.

Fall is in the air over the water paths of Amsterdam
Beautiful park in Oslo where we went for a daily run

The Europe trip came at the right moment, I thought - perfect chance to rock my new cute outfit on the streets of Oslo and Amsterdam. But no, I was in Costa Rica when we decided to travel straight from here, and my goodies arrived to my home in the states. So how was I going to pack them for my fall trip!? Oh I know, I will ask my mother in law to pack and ship them to me. Did my husband (and everyone else) think I was crazy? Yes. Did I get my way? Hell yes.

Here is what I did… Traveling from San Jose to Amsterdam, we had a layover in Houston. My dear (read: poor) MIL packed and shipped my prAna clothes, together with my brand new Zara trench coat and a few other goodies I never get to wear in Miami, to a local FedEx (thank you). We took advantage of our layover and rented a car, driving to the FedEx to pick up our shipment and do some last minute errands, before hopping back on the plane. Like I said, I got fashion crazy. In my defense, I did not have one item of fall/winter clothes with me in Costa Rica, and neither did my husband (my MIL sent him a few items too). Although I did do some shopping over there (can’t miss that chance!), fully replacing my fall wardrobe for those ten days didn’t make sense, or so I justified my FedEx idea. If you travel a lot - you probably feel me. I am sure this isn’t the last time I will use this awesome travel hack! How to get something shipped to a place you do not reside (or even have a temporary residence at) is resolved. You’re welcome!

Rocking my Prana sweater while museum hopping

Back to Fall fashion style.
Although I was very honored that prAna named one of their fall collection sweaters after me, the Mattea sweater (just kidding!), and although it’s super cute, I skipped my namesake and picked the organic cotton Stacia sweater for two reasons. I went for cotton over recycled wood (vegans usually avoid animal products, including in clothing), and the Stacia sweater just seems like a perfect light layer to throw on after a yoga class on a chilly day, while Mattea has a higher neckline and therefore seems a bit more suitable for colder climates and just a tad harder to put on and off (yes I am that comfort driven).

It's perfect with yoga pants!
But you can definitely dress it up a bit

I ordered Kara Jean in a gorgeous and unconventional purple aka. GRAPEVINE color, and I definitely get why they are prAna’s best selling jean - from comfort to style, they hit every note. Because prAna is a athletic wear company, their jeans are also ‘designed for adventure’, as they put it. Stretchy, light and super comfortable, they were a great choice for all day walking tours. I wear yoga pants, shorts (or no pants) on a daily basis, exclusively, and it’s been real hard to get me into a pair of jeans that I can tolerate for a long time. If you are a yoga instructor, you know what I mean. So the fact these felt actually soft on is saying a lot coming from me. Oh, and they sure are cute!

I was even happier to see my prAna jeans match my new Intuition Goddess Mala from my brand Yogala Jewelry.

Managed to find a juice in a matching color too!

Overall, we had a perfect fall visit to beautiful Oslo and Amsterdam. In gist, we ate delicious vegan foods, checked out museums like the Viking museum and the Van Gogh (my husband’s favorite artist), we raced in the beautiful Eindhoven Marathon (and I PR’d), and did as much site seeing and culture appreciation as possible. It was a vacation, but we did little resting overall! In the end, was my travel shipping hack worth it? I say yes and yes!

In Amsterdam museum quarter
Oslo castle hopping

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