Amazing Grass Elixir review + discount code

I’ve been a huge Amazing Grass fan for years now!

Amazing Grass Elixir drink

I first discovered them right around the time Girl In the Raw was born. I was already a strict vegetarian, transitioning to veganism, when I moved to the states and began feeling sluggish after eating US foods. I read a lot about GMO, organic produce, factory farming, and nutrition. I was looking for ways to add truly healthy, vitamin and mineral rich, pure and unprocessed foods to my diet. I underwent a 12 day master cleanse, an incredibly transformational experience, during which my body and dietary habits received a full reset.

During this particular cleanse, one doesn’t eat solid foods and takes additional natural supplements to help the body rid of years of build-up in the digestive tract. That was about five years ago, maybe six even, and I’m definitely overdue for another detox of this kind. I’ve been working, teaching yoga, and marathon training, for some time now, always with some goal or project to prep for, so I’ve been very hungry and haven’t found the ‘right time to do it’… Oh, and I own a restaurant now! Very hard to be on a cleanse when you’re literally surrounded by food constantly!

Staying healthy is key to balance and happiness

I still remember what a powerful and healing experience it was. During the cleanse, a lot of cravings for bread, ice cream and pasta were replaced by pure cravings for natural, fresh and raw products. I remember dreaming about a juicy mango or refreshing watermelon. The book on the master cleanse recommends one prepping for it properly before and after, and advises raw foods as an easy transition back out of solid food fasting. That’s when I started reading and discovering the world of uncooked, fermented, dehydrated and probiotic foods. With it, I explored the notion of superfoods, nutrition dense foods that are rich in often unique vitamins and minerals, with a high content of healing properties. Think spirulina, chia seeds, goji berries.

Superfoods are specially common in raw and high raw, plant based diets. We are the kind of folk that look at food as nutrition, as energy, as life force, rather than just satisfying the palate - which is part of enjoying foods, but these days, seems like the only requirement to produce and sell foods, unfortunately. High raw vegans also like to explore. Once you kick out animal products from your diet, all those new world opens up.

Berry superfood smoothie with hemp seends

My best tip for transitioning to a plant based diet is adding foods before you take foods out. So, if you’re a meat and potatoes, eggs and bacon kind of a person, taking animal products out of your diet might cut your diet for 80%. This is where lots of people don’t make it, never fully committing to a vegetarian diet, or have nutritional deficiencies. On the other hand, if you add plant based foods to your diet, developing a palate for them, before slowly weaving out animal products, you are set for success!

While exploring the world of superfoods and raw un-cooking, I started sampling various products from vegan protein powders to B12 supplements, and Amazing Grass came to my radar very quickly. I have been familiar with wheat and barley grass (also known as green magma) since a very young age, and have drank both growing up in Croatia.

Amazing Grass is easy to drink every day

But I’ll be honest, I had my doubts at first. Amazing grass is a type of ‘instant’ superfood, that is dried, and filled with lots and lots of ingredients. I am used to fresh raw wheatgrass, so before trying it, I turned to my friend, chef and nutritionist Vani from Sweet Sattva, to ask her opinion. We often like to check in with each other, sharing experiences and advice. She took her time researching the benefits of the way they prepare the wheatgrass and other superfood ingredients, so that the nutritional benefits of raw foods and enzymes stay preserved. So I decided to give it a try, and here we are years later, and Amazing grass is still on my kitchen shelf wherever I go.

When they released a new product I was stoked. I love their green superfoods, but my husband is more of a fan than I am. He loves drinking it with his orange juice in the morning. However, I love the taste of their protein powder, also a relatively new product, the best! So when the Elixir came out, I was crazy excited about the ingredients, but little worried about the taste. In order to really try it out, I drank my first tall glass of green raw goodness with water only. And it was great. I’ve really only put it in an orange juice or smoothie a couple of times, but usually drink it with my water, and just carry it with me to yoga or to work.

I've been taking it with me in my cool bottle and sipping as I cook at Hari OM Food and Wellness

You might be wondering why am I so stoked about the ingredients? Well, Amazing Grass elixirs have added new healing herbs to their repertoire, and they are in line with Ayurvedic principles. All three products, the Belly, Brain and Beauty Elixir have Ashwagandha in them. This is by far my favorite herb in the world! It’s very calming and healing for the nervous system, yet energizing. It’s great for both the brains and the bellies, as the Amazing Grass folk have figured out, and I have used it for years. It was probably the first Ayurvedic medicine I ever tried.

Besides Ashwagandha, the new products also carry moringa, another medicinal herb that is experiencing a boom in the nutrition world, but has been native to certain tropical areas and used by locals for decades. I first began paying attention to it when I came to Costa Rica, where it grows locally and everyone is familiar with it’s benefits and healing properties. We have a moringa tree growing right next to my restaurant, so we use both fresh and dried leaves.

Oh, and did I mention Amazing Grass Elixirs are organic as well? Pure goodness in every scoop.

The three elixirs go very well together. I first opened and tried the Beauty one (of course), but ended up drinking the Belly one most often. The Brain is my go-to on a day I’m feeling drained, tired and lacking focus. I can’t necessarily taste much difference between them, and I just make sure I get my greens in every day.

This product is great for a light daily cleanse, where you simply supplement your regular diet with a rich superfood product, without going on a full-on detox or fast. I’ve been trying to drink my greens every day, might have skipped a couple as it’s almost impossible for me to stick to a daily routine these days, apparently, out of what is in my habits already. I’ve been feeling lighter, and more energized. If I don’t drink it in the morning, I just add a scoop to my water bottle around 3pm, right before that afternoon crash and the dinner shift at the restaurant. And I can definitely tell the difference, it’s keeping me balanced. Instead of reaching for snacks, I feel energized and ready to go without feeling weighed down by snacks and sugar.

My belly is my soft spot, even according to Ayurveda. I often suffer from digestive issues, having lots of vata in my system, or too much pitta that results in heartburn. Whenever that happens, I usually reach for some natural means of relief like kombucha or apple cider. I’ve been supplementing with Belly Elixir, and combining it with kombucha when necessary, and it’s resulted in a happy belly for me for a couple of weeks now. So I would definitely recommend the Belly Elixir for anyone with a sensitive stomach, digestive issues, food intolerances and even allergies, of course provided that you check the ingredients are safe for your particular issues. All Amazing grass greens are vegan and gluten free.

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Disclaimer: I have received Amazing Grass products as part of a Sweat Pink campaign. All opinions are my own.