Group and Private Yoga Class Schedule

Group and Private Yoga Class Schedule

Hi Beautiful Yogi,
I would love to have you in one of my Yoga, Meditation or Aerial Yoga classes, workshops, or for private sessions.

I am currently in tropical Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, teaching private and group classes, and traveling for workshops, trainings and retreats.

For an updated list of my Yoga Workshops, click here.

Join me for one of my classes:


8am Hatha Yoga in Hotel Costa Verde
10am Aerial Yoga in Spa Holis


8am Vinyasa flow yoga in Spa Holis
10am Aerial Yoga in Spa Holis


5pm Restorative Aerial Yoga at Spa Holis
6:30pm Guided meditation with Tibetan Singing bowls at Spa Holis

Manuel Antonio beach

Private Yoga Sessions:

Treat yourself to a Private Yoga Class! A sequence specifically designed to achieve your personal goals, in a private environment, with attentive guidance of your own instructor. One-on-one work can turn your yoga instructor into a personal trainer, yoga therapist, or counsellor. 

What are private yoga classes and when to chose to take one?

  • You might be a person who prefers a more intimate environment, and would simply enjoy practicing yoga, breathing techniques and meditation one-on-one. Avoid crowded locker rooms and close yoga neighbors, and opt for in-house private session instead.
  • Injury prevention, management and healing. Many yoga students benefit tremendously from a sequence designed for their own body, instead of following a mixed-level sequence designed to accommodate a variety of bodies and needs. I specialize in therapeutic yoga for athletes, and as a runner and triathlete have personal experience in preventing and healing from injuries. Besides running and triathlons, I specialize in yoga for cross-fit athletes as well, and can design a sequence depending on any athlete’s needs and preferences. 
  • Healing yoga therapeutic work applies to those students coming from long term illness, chronic pains and aches (such as sciatica or chronic back pain), or are recovering from surgeries. Yoga is beneficial in healing tissue, increasing joint mobility, increasing connective tissue elasticity, and much more.
  • Targeted body work. Whether you are looking to increase strength, flexibility, balance, increase overall fitness level, manage body weight, or something else, private yoga sessions can help you achieve your goals. 
    What I specialize in:

  • Yoga Flow (and heated flow), Power Flow, Ashtanga flow inspired - perfect for toning up, increasing strength, weight loss. As a cross-training and injury prevention practice in combination with other types of athletic activity or training (like marathon/half marathon training and cross-fit).

  • Aerial Yoga - fun and adventurous yoga style practiced in silk hammocks designed to carry weight, suspended off the ground. Besides being new and innovative, this fun yoga practice has many benefits. Replacing a firm stable surface with hammocks means increasing body awareness and muscle engagement in order to balance - this will definitely challenge you and tone your body. Aerial hammocks offer a supportive tool to practice inversions, which are crowned as the most rejuvenating poses in yoga. (Need a professional Aerial hammock, can not be practiced anywhere).
  • Gentle Yoga, Alignment based hatha yoga - this style helps increase flexibility, balance, coordination, it is very suitable for beginners, and those healing from injuries.
  • Therapeutic yoga - for injury prevention, healing, post-surgery therapy, and more. Designed depending on type of injury or surgery, and client’s previous fitness level.
  • Guided mediation, Positive Affirmations, Restorative yoga - this type of yoga focuses on internal work more than external. Excellent for battling stress and it’s negative health effects, and overall relaxation. Affirmations and meditation can be used for manifesting and achieving certain dreams and goals, one-on-one counseling and life coaching.
  • Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls - can be combined with guided mediation and restorative yoga. Very calming, relaxing and liberating work. The sound vibrations from singing bowls have a very healing effect, bringing the overall body vibrations in line with nature and Earth. Perfect for those who spend a lot of time surrounded by electronics and radiation of any kind, as well as stress management.
  • Yoga History and Philosophy. I have a degree in Eastern Religions and Philosophy, and have been an avid practitioner of bhakti-yoga since a young age (introduced to me by my mother, a practitioner and Ayurvedic therapist). I teach yoga history, philosophy, Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad-Gita classes in workshops, dharma talks, and at Yoga teacher trainings. For anyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice or find their life path.
  • 60 minutes: 60$
  • 75 minutes: 70$
  • 90 minutes: 80$
    Discounted rates when purchasing packages and bundles apply! 10% discount on 4+ classes, 25% on 10+ classes, 40% on 20+ classes. 
Want to practice with me, but do not live in Costa Rica?

Depending on your personal needs, we can arrange a video conference session where we practice yoga, meditation, or sound healing. I also design yoga sequences and specific schedules, delivered via email, that can be practiced on your own time and at your own convenience. Contact me for more information!

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