About Me

About Me


Thank you for stopping by. My name is Matea, and I am the girl behind (and sometimes in) the scenes of Girl In The Raw.

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I have started this blog as a way of writing down my favorite recipes, sharing lifestyle experience and rambling about yoga and life in general. It is slowly growing to become a tool to keep myself in focus and in check on my own healthy habits! It is also a way of connecting with other souls searching to become the best versions of themselves possible. If that is you - Welcome!

I have a simple goal: to be healthy, active and satisfied within my own body and mind. Now, in 10 years, and most importantly, when I am in the silver age. And in today’s fast paced, instant, up-side down world, taking real care of yourself can be a full time occupation.


However, taking care of yourself can also be a great pleasure! And before you know it, you are not only influencing your own health and lifestyle, but also the health and lifestyle habits of those around you. After all, what is the point of a long and good life if you have no one to share it with?

What you will find in this blog is yummy foods, yoga talk, definitely a picture or two of my dearest puppy Zen, and some runner’s ramble.

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I have divided my blog into a few sections, and here is a run-down of the main topics to get you started.







The title speaks for itself. You will find raw and cooked, always vegan, sometimes gluten-free, paleo friendly, soy and sugar free recipes. I love food! I have been cooking and taking responsibility for my own dietary choices since I was of a young age. And although those choices weren’t always (and may still not be) the optimal ones for my health, I learn from my experience and live to improve each day.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who knew how to cook and passed the love onto me. I was also a very sickly, allergic kid, and that same mom had to basically bend over backwards to accommodate my dietary needs throughout my childhood. She was also a vegetarian for as long as I remember. Although she never insisted on me following her path, as soon as I was grown up enough to understand why choose vegetarian or vegan, I made that choice myself. You can read more about my health history here.

From breakfast to dessert, I am populating my recipe library with new, old, improvised and scripted recipes. I like originality, but I also like to keep it simple and quick! I pride myself on being able to cook a whole feast of 3-5 preparations in under half an hour (a feast for two!). I understand the need to be in and out of your kitchen quickly, and most of my recipes have one to two stages, not too many ingredients, and are easy to make for beginner cooks.






Here you will find nutrition talk, articles that focus on our dietary, lifestyle and any other habits that directly affect our health and wellbeing. I primarily draw my example from raw foods and raw nature (hence the name), and the ancient science of Ayurveda. You can read more about Ayurveda here.

I believe everything in our environment, and most importantly, our internal environment, affects our physical and mental health. I have been served Luise L. Hay, Barbara Ann Brennan, Deepak Chopra and alike since childhood (that hippie mom of mine again. I should mention she is an Ayurvedic therapist). I am a Reiki Master and a firm believer in positive affirmations. I also believe that if you take a good look around you, besides a good look into your fridge, you may find a cure for, well, almost anything from depression to cancer (yes, I said the “c” word). I like to explore different ways to keep ourselves happy, healthy, complete, and I write about it.





I began this blog keeping my eye on the foods, but it soon developed to include all areas of life that make us feel great each and every day! And yoga sure is one of them, as I soon realized for myself. I began my yoga journey way back in high school, and had an on and off love affair with it till a few years back. I always kept the desire to become a certified yoga instructor in the back of my heart, and that finally came into fruition in 2013 when I completed my first 200 hour TTC. I embarked on a second 200h course the following year, and have taken countless workshops in between. I follow the yogic path off the mat as well. I have been meditating and attempting to bring yogic philosophy into my daily life for years. I have a BA in Eastern Religions, and teach Yoga philosophy at other teacher trainings, workshops and events.

You can expect articles on best yoga poses for specific goals, using yoga as therapy, some yoga philosophy talk, energy of yoga such as chakras and bandhas, and more.




[caption id=”attachment_205” align=”alignnone” width=”754”][Getting a hug from my hubby after finishing my first triathlon Getting a hug from my hubby after finishing my first triathlon[/caption]

When I reconnected with a former high school class mate on Facebook recently, she was laughing at all of my marathon pictures. “You always ditched gym class at school!”, she said, “What happened?” If you ever wondered Is it possible to change your lifestyle completely, allow me to prove it is!

A decade ago I would have never, ever, in a million years think I would LOVE RUNNING. Besides the fact that I actually partied hard and had some unhealthy habits even after I became a vegetarian, I never enjoyed working out, or understood why I should. Today, I am not the ‘I go to the gym to loose some weight’ kind of a gal. I am seriously hooked on running! From 5ks to a full marathon, I progressed slowly but surely in the past 5+ years. Now, I love running trails in California and I use running as one of the best meditations I have ever tried. After running came love for cycling, and eventually triathlon training. I completed a Half Ironman at the beginning of 2014, and I am hoping to do my next one in 2015.

From race recaps, to training plans, to advice on how to get out of a workout rut, my Run & Tri section covers fitness plans and how to enjoy moving your body, preferably outdoors and in beautiful nature, breathing all that prana (life force) in.




[caption id=”attachment_431” align=”alignnone” width=”640”][Shiva Mala Shiva Mala[/caption]

I am a yogi and you can totally tell by how I dress. Heck, I am wearing my go-to black yoga pants, and Funky Yoga Ambassador Om shirt as I am typing this. I have even worked at Lululemon at one point - I sure live in (and love) yoga pants. I also love Indian and Oriental inspired fashion and Jewelry. I have always been a bit artistic, and I began making my own Yoga Malas, necklaces and bracelets.

Malas are sacred meditation beads, usually a set of 108, used in most Hindu and Buddhist traditions to chant mantras and meditate. Same style of beads can be found on Indian Bazaars as beautiful jewelry and decorations. With time, as Yoga made it’s way to the west, so did the Mala beads and they became a fashion accessory for the yoga-minded, boho styled folk today. However, the Mala beads go beyond looks. From the wood to the semi-precious stones, to the color of the beads, they all have meaning. I make jewelry meant to strengthen certain Chakras (energy centers), to support the Aura (our field of energy), or from beads dedicated to certain Hindu deities such as Shiva.

My shop is called Yogala (Yoga + Mala, see what I did there?) and it is a handcrafted, unique jewelry style store on Etsy. You have access to my products right here on my blog.


Well now that you know something about me, how about introducing yourself? I hope what you find here will be useful to you in some way or another. If there is anything you would like me to ramble about, leave a comment!


With love,